Friday, January 11, 2013

On Inconsistency

One year, during Lent, I took up flossing regularly. I flossed every day for 40 days, then for a year and a half. And one day I just stopped. I mean, I now floss every week or so, which is better than average, right?

Winter at Westminster Woods: boatless and coatless.
Journaling. Running. Knitting. They comes in waves, and I always tell myself I'll get back around to these good habits and projects.

Pryde's wedding registry: the best.
Of course, I have bitten my cuticles since fifth grade with varying stages of stress-induced consistency. Luckily there are three things that make me think twice before biting: thrift shops, subways and flu season.

First office window: big time.
The best and worst thing about moving to a new place is that it disrupts consistency. The move to Philly was great for things like blogging and cooking and reading the Bible. Moving to Kansas City was detrimental to these things, but very good for employment and community.

Evelyn and Samantha: sisters. They don't even know how great.
What better time than January to reflect on things that are consistent, and also those ambitions that cause self-loathing for their lack of consistency? (For the record, there are very, very few things I would condone worthy of self-loathing. Not blogging daily is not one of them.)

Westwood: new home.
Now let's jump to my list of excuses updates:

1) I moved to the same city as my significant other, with whom I enjoy spending time.
2) I assumed my position as Auntie a bit early, surrendering my heart to a baby and a 4-year-old.
3) I took a desirable full-time nonprofit job, facilitating world travel and cultural understanding.
4) I picked up a sweet little freelance gig, blogging for someone else.
5) I became a bridezilla.

Do you see the trend there? Blessings upon blessings upon good intentions. Let it be known that I will not blog every day. But I probably will occasionally. I will find balance.

Let it also be known that my wonderfully pragmatic and devoted fiancé and I have taken on this challenge from Celebrity KC Blogger and Instagram Virtuoso Jaminato. Here's to consistency and letting God's words permeate me every day so His love can pour out from me onto everyone around.

Oh, and I'm definitely going to cook more too.

With love.

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